Hello Juicer!

Juice is a new game changer for event and place discovering.

Are you happy in your city? Or, is everything so boring? Would you like to share your favorite places or venues to connect more like-minded people? Or, would you like to explore new cool events or parties in your area? Come and explore the Juice community now.

Find the exclusive free or premium activities in your city. Discover new happy food-drink-recreation points, but not all only the good ones. (Yes, we remove miserable or unhappy places!)

What's Juice?
• Discover great and buzzy local places in the city
• Find exclusive events from our community and city curators (for limited time only in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London)
• Request RSVP to join any event
• Publish and manage your events, start to build your community
• Browse, approve, or decline your events' RSVP list
• Share or check-in any good place you are in and give a score to them (HappyScore™)
• Get specials from venues (at participating stores only) and see who they are in

@Juice to be able to check-in you need at least:
• 30 minutes past from the last check-in
• 0.1 mile close to the place